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Nomade Community Weekend in Shirahama Shimoda, Izu Peninsula

Join the NOMADE COMMUNITY WEEKEND in Shirahama Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture on June 1~2:

The Nomade Resort in Shirahama Shimoda of the Izu Peninsula will hold a "Nomade Community Weekend" this year and we hope that many of our extended communities' members will join.

June, Saturday 1 ~ Sunday 2

@ Nomade Resort

Shirahama Shimoda, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture

The Weekend is open to all people from our sports circles from soccer to yoga, runners to surfers, and also to anyone just wanting to enjoy the beautiful seascape and white sand beaches of Shirahama and Shimoda.

The weekend in the Izu Peninsula will be filled with activities including Soccer, Yoga, Standing-Up paddle, Beach games (soccer, volley), a BBQ Party and more.

See all info here and register now for a great weekend at a beautiful location in Shirahama Shimoda:

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