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New and unique Resort in Shirahama Shimoda Shizuoka

About Us

Unforgettable Memories Start Here

The Nomade Resort is a fun, friendly, and activity filled resort facility 
only steps from the Shirahama beach riviera in Shimoda, on the spectacular Izu Peninsula, Tokyo’s backyard ocean escape.

New Experiences.

The Nomade Resort provides the opportunity to discover yourself in ways that may not always be possible. Located in a semi-tropical environment, looking down on a spectacular seascape, and full of the best of what leisure can provide, the Resort is the perfect place to find sanctuary, relax, and set new life directions.

New Challenges.

The Nomade Resort is a venue and a base for new and unique learning opportunities. No matter the season, the Resort acts as a base for educational programs in sport, personal and professional development, and experiential camp opportunities for all ages.

Private Moments.

The Nomade Resort is a perfect year-round location for private and personal occasions. Our cozy log cottages, Jacuzzi swimming pool overlooking the Shirahama coast, and our variety of private terraces & special patios provide the opportunity to enjoy, celebrate, and relax. And, from our pool terrace, or within a few minutes walk to Shirahama Beach, the sun rises each morning, unhindered, over the Pacific Ocean.


At the Nomade Resort we provide opportunity for special gatherings and events of all kinds. Whether for school reunions, corporate retreats, weddings, club and association gatherings, we offer the perfect the environment to celebrate, bond, learn, strategize, and grow. The Resort also offers a variety of special events and activities open to everyone, guests and visitors alike, including parties, concerts, performances, and more.

Who We Are

We are Adventurers.

All of us come from backgrounds that are diverse. We are from Japan, France, America and we are deeply connected to the International Community. We look for experiences and activities that help people discover themselves better, and our desire is to share our passions with you.

We are Educators

We have long been involved in building learning experiences for people from around the world. We intend to bring all of our experiences together to create unique opportunities for you.

We are Atheletes

Our team is very passionate about sports. From professional international soccer to technical mountaineering to professional ocean sports to yoga and the meditative arts, we bring you a team that is certified and experienced to help you explore your own hidden potential.

We are Event Specialists

And yes, we love to create events and opportunities for people to gather together to celebrate their passions. We look forward to helping you with all of your event planning, whether it be corporate training weekend or a motorsport team escape.

Our Partners and Supporters

Our team is here to help you make your stay with us an unforgettable one. From our guest services to our coaches and teachers, to our chefs and activitiy coordinators, we look forward to:

  • Making your stay unforgettable.

  • Providing you with delicious meals in a welcoming, friendly, and fun environment.

  • Organizing fun, exciting and educational opportunities for you to engage in… should you want to try some new and amazing things!

Thank to all our partners and supporters for the help with our projects. Our journey has just begun.

Partner of Ocean Vibes Club
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